October 2018 Words of Life (Week 1)


We had an hour teaching on Thursday about lessons that we can learn from Abraham specifically, but also Isaac, and Jacob.  God did not view and/or talk about Abraham according to wrong decisions he made in the past.  God instead spoke that “Abraham believed God, and it was counted as righteousness, and he was God’s friend.”  This is how God views us as we repent for our past mistakes and move forward, walking out God’s plan for our lives.  Do not be ashamed of your past and hide it.  Let God use your testimony to be a light unto others.  Let God take your past mistakes and turn them around for God (Romans 8:28) as God did with Abraham.  The things in the past are for our learning (Romans 15:4).  So learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, so you can walk a righteous life before God and not stumble at the traps of the enemy.  

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